Motorist ordered to pay £24,500 to private parking company

By Samantha Allan

A Dundee woman who tried to dodge parking charges issued by a private company has been ordered to pay the firm £24,500.

Carly Mackie ignored hundreds of tickets handed out by Vehicle Control Services after she repeatedly parked at Dundee’s Waterfront without a permit.

She believed the fines were unenforceable and she had the right to park in front of her family’s garage near their home.

But Sheriff George Way told the court she was liable for the charges as they were part of a valid contract and that she had “entirely misdirected herself” on both the law and “the contractual chain” in the case.

The company took the 28-year-old to court last year after she failed to pay £18,500 in parking notices.

As the charges are issued by a firm and not by the council they are not backed by legislation and the fines are unregulated.

But if a private company has put up adequate signage to make a motorist aware they are parking in a restricted area they can be seen as entering into a contract with the car park operator.






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