Would-be Bonn terrorist jailed for life

By Rafal Malec

A 29-year-old German Islam convert has been sentenced to life in prison over a plot to carry out a bomb attack at a train station in the city of Bonn.

The Dusseldorf regional court found Marco G guilty of attempted murder over an explosive device placed at the main train station in the former west German capital in December 2012.

Although the bomb was defused before the would-be terrorist had time to detonate it, the court said the accused deserved a life sentence due to the seriousness of the crime.

The DPA News Agency also reported three other defendants were sentenced to terms between nine and a half and twelve years in prison for a separate plot to kill a German far-right politician Marco G was also involved in.

A dozen people were killed and almost 50 injured in a terrorist attack carried out at a Berlin Christmas market in 2016, when 24-year-old Tunisian asylum seeker, Anis Amri ploughed a speeding articulated lorry into a crowd of shoppers.

Fears of terrorism are thought to be a leading issue in Germany’s upcoming election, with many blaming the sharp rise in attacks in Europe on Angela Merkel’s open-door migration policy.


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