Review: Double trouble from Mt.Doubt and Foreignfox

Artist: Mt. Doubt/Foreignfox
Single: ‘Tourists’/‘Lights Off, Carry Me Home’
Label: Scottish Fiction
Release: March 31

By Niall Christie

Out now, this AA-side offers up the best of new music from both Scottish coasts.
Characteristically bleak in its look at society, Foreignfox’s ‘Lights Off, Carry Me Home’ utilises the emotionally charged vocals of singer Johnny Watt to drive on from the simplicity of the band’s musical style. Building from a standing start, honesty and a chanted chorus akin to musical forbears We Were Promised Jetpacks or Frightened Rabbit.
Foreignfox have been lurking behind the backdrop of some more successful acts across Scotland.
But with the amount of material that they have now produced conituing to rack up, could this be a pre-cursor to a debut album from the Dunfermline four-piece.
Much more ambitious in sound and eerie in nature, ‘Tourists’ from Glasgow-based Mt. Doubt has turned their typically brooding vocals and rhythmic sound into a rockier offering than can usually be expected.
Known around Scotland’s biggest city for their understated performances, the video which goes along with ‘Tourists’ is from much the same vein, Admittedly, the green-screen work could be better, but the authenticity of the group’s work shines through nonetheless.
Released on Scottish Fiction, doubling as a blog and indie label, this seems like a package deal that could be particularly profitable for the company, with both acts heading into festival season with their stock growing and an ever-increasing buzz about them.
With that in mind, no perfect match could have been expected from this joint release, given the divide between the two acts.

AA side
But with the two groups sharing a stage over the weekend as well as this single, the importance of how spot on the relationship between the two tracks cannot be underestimated.


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