Snapchat filter aims to engage young voters

By Calum Woodger and Gillian McPherson

THE social media app Snapchat will be used to encourage young people to vote in May’s Scottish local government elections.

The Electoral Commission has enlisted the app to remind users to register before the April seventeenth deadline.

Councillor Martha Wardrop: “It sounds like a good idea and I’m glad to hear that new ways are being used to reach young people and encourage them to register to vote.

“Hopefully it will get them more involved in the election this time around because there are a lot of issues that concern them.

“Traditionally young people have felt disenfranchised and not felt that local government is taking account of their concerns, so with big changes happening and young people being allowed to vote it is a good opportunity for them to make an impact.”

Teenagers had mixed views about the use of the colourful voting filter to encourage young people to register and take part in the election.

Snap-chat user Caroline Love (16) said: “I think social media has a great influence on young people and I think using Snapchat in the run up to elections will remind people of the opportunity to vote.

“Many young people go on Snapchat every day and it is just as popular as other forms of social media at the moment.

“Stories on Snapchat are very visible and everyone sees them when they go on, so they are likely to reach a wide audience.”


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