Scottish Greens launch national manifesto ahead of May local elections

By Tony Inglis

The Scottish Greens have announced their manifesto ahead of the May 4 local elections at an event at Glasgow Women’s Library.

The manifesto, leading with the slogan “Power in your hands”, pledges to give more control back to voters ahead of what is being predicted as a massive shake-up to local councils.

Alongside this manifesto overview, the Greens, and its 218 local council candidates, are promising to improve public services in communities including smaller class sizes, a higher living wage for care workers, and more affordable, energy-efficient housing.

The campaign seeks to present the Greens as an anti-establishment party, with the SNP expected to make big gains in the election, denting Labour’s historic controlling stake in local government.

Co-convener Patrick Harvie said: “Green councillors can do so much more to revitalise and renew local democracy in Scotland and make it really mean what it should mean, putting power into people’s hands.

“That’s the core of our campaign, we don’t want local politics to be something people feel is done to them, we want it to be something that empowers people to make their own communities better places.”

The event allowed the opportunity for other candidates to address the crowd.

Lorraine McLaren, standing in Calton ward, said: “In the Greens we simply don’t accept that every year, every generation, the same communities should suffer poorer health, poorer housing, poorer incomes.

“I really believe that we have the policies, the ideas and the commitment to change things for the better.”

Local manifestos for each council will be released to go along with the national version released today.


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