Scotland’s rage at ‘cruel’ rape clause

BY Sarah McMullan

Almost 300 protesters were rallying against the controversial ‘rape clause’ In George Square last night.

The clause will limit child tax credits to a mother’s first two children unless she can prove that her third child was the result of rape.



Rape Crisis Scotland, Women’s Aid and Engender warned government officials of the detrimental effect this could have on survivors of sexual abuse.

Their advice was unheeded and Conservative MP Ruth Davidson defended the clause this week.

Glasgow Central SNP MP Alison Thewliss first discovered the clause and has been campaigning to have it abolished.

She said: “This is a really abhorrent policy, the fact that a woman has to go and confess to somebody that they’ve had their third child as a result of rape just to put food on the table is absolutely despicable.”

The UK government have been unable to estimate an exact figure for the number of women the policy will affect.

It is thought, however, that its impact will be disproportionate as the majority of Muslim and Jewish families in Britain are likely to have three or more children.

Ms Thewliss added: “The more the UK government hear from ordinary voices that we will not stand for this then the more credible our case will be.”

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