Protesters gather to fight disability hate crime, harassment and discrimination

The disabled community gathered at George Square to make its voice heard

By Jack Thomson

Protesters are urging the public to join their fight against disability hate crime, harassment and discrimination.

Demonstrators gathered in George Square on Thursday to campaign against the inequalities facing disabled people.

Glasgow Disability Alliance organised the event to coincide with the publication of its manifesto, which aims to create a city that is more accessible for everyone.

Tressa Burke, chief executive of the organisation, said: “Disabled people are facing such terrible challenges in their lives, whether it be cuts to their benefits, cuts to their services, isolation, lots of physical barriers and discrimination.

“It makes it more important than ever that disabled people come together and build their strength, build their confidence and get peer support so that they’re able to cope with the challenges.”

Marianne Scobie, depute CEO of Glasgow Disability Alliance, stressed that Scotland’s attitude to disability is not getting any better.

She added: “Disabled people are still excluded, still face barriers, still face hate crime and discrimination.”

Disabled people and individuals with long term conditions make up 25% of Glasgow’s population.

But Glasgow City Council has come under pressure to include the minority group in future infrastructural planning and combat the negative attitudes that disabled people face.

£300m was spent to revamp the city’s underground but disabled access is restricted on the transport network.

Ms Burke referred to the subway in a speech: “Can disabled people use it? No they cannot. Why can’t they? Two accessible stations. So if you want to get on and off at one of the accessible stations, you can use it.”


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